A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

AFTER SCHOOL is a coming-of-age story about detention, baseball, gangs and friendship. Join Ellis in his chaotic adventures as he meets others both cute and terrible! Then maybe —  finally make a friend?

  • 3 Character routes to explore — Explore the stories of Dante, Adrien and Chester, with sappy friendship endings, the possibility of kissing one of them and some...not-so-good endings.
  • 3 full CGs, as well as 6 partial CGs to unlock!
  • About 30-45 minutes of gameplay per route, with a total of 23k words

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Full info + previews: here

This is my first full game, so any comments are appreciated! 

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AFTERSCHOOL-1.0-pc.zip 188 MB
AFTERSCHOOL-1.0-mac.zip 171 MB

Development log


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This is great!  Thanks for sharing, I really liked the personalities and relationships you managed to build here.

Thank you for playing too! And yea I really wanted to write them well so I'm glad that came through!

i love all the characters in this, but especially ellis! i think the way you did the friendship and romance routes was great because none of them felt like a "better" route than the other.  i'd love to see more of ellis and his family if you ever make another game in the same universe. (i'm especially curious about yang's background!)

Thank you for the kind comment! I don't usually write romantic endings actually, despite the genre. While writing I wanted to go with what felt natural and what I felt each character needed, if that makes sense.

I'm glad you liked Ellis! He's very precious to me and I definitely have more on his family..... I'm actually planning to write some more details on what happened in the past year plus family background in the upcoming development pdf. Mostly I wanted a space to drop stuff I wasn't able to include in the game because they didn't fit. I'd try to include a bit of Yang's background as well, so if you're able to support it that would be great!

This was wonderful to play! It's been a while since I've played a VN that felt so firmly rooted in the real world as well as the problems that exist in it, and that dealt with them realistically without being tragic (it made me think back to Butterfly Soup, which was also a great experience).

I really, really love how friendship and romance were handled in this game (especially as an aromantic person, but just in general, too!) Dante and Chester's routes didn't feel any lesser for not involving kissing – in fact I appreciate that neither of them were thrown straight into a romantic "good ending" that would probably be way too fast considering how much else is going on in their lives, even if the interest was there. (I can totally see Chester awkwardly confessing to Ellis at some point, though. It would be pretty cute.)

I also love that it's a valid choice to end Adrien's route in friendship – of course, I would have loved for that ending to have a unique CG, but I realize that would have been a considerable amount of extra work. There were also a few typos in the script and it was a bit jarring that the title screen didn't have music (especially when music is used so well everywhere else), but those are small issues! I'm already impressed with how polished everything is when this is only your first game.

I'm looking forward to seeing the development PDF, and to any future games you make!

Aaa thank you for the thoughtful comment! I started it off with pretty wild ideas but as I worked on the characters I guess it came together that way? (Also I loved Butterfly soup too, it's a great game!)

I actually felt compelled to write romantic endings to fit the genre but...decided to do what felt natural for them instead. Also, I really wanted to write a strong friendship between Ellis and Dante, rather than anything romantic (Dante's also kinda asexual).

Ohh could you let me know where/what the typos were? I ran it through a spellcheck and got some friends to look over it, but some things might've slipped by. Also I'd consider adding music to the menu in future games! I actually enjoy sound design so it might be fun to play with that too...

And thank you again! I can't wait to start on some new projects already haha

Haha yeah, like, some pretty intense stuff happens, but I don't think it felt impossible or unrealistic

I'm glad you decided to go with what felt natural, it works really well! In fact, I think Adrien's romantic ending feels stronger because in comparison to the other routes you can tell that Ellis and Adrien have actual chemistry lol

And tbh I don't remember anything off the top of my head and I don't think I have the patience to go back through the script to pick up typos haha,, But I'll keep in mind that you're someone who appreciates having those pointed out to you for future reference!


If you can't rmb then that's fine! I just figured I should fix them if someone did find any :')) Also yea writing them was like "are they sorta flirting....." and then I felt like a parent lmao

OH M~ the story is so precious and heartwarming! i fell in love with each character, especially Ellis! he just seems so relatable to me. i also really loved earning each CG! each moment felt very special. and, i must say, the music choice was a very nice touch! each piece set the mood for each scene! all in all, a great visual novel! i loved every bit of it! Cx

Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I'm so glad you loved the characters;; I really focused on writing them in this story so I'm glad it came through! Also I enjoy sound design and the mood for some scenes are really important to me...tho I also have to be thankful to the artists who are kind enough to share their work for use!

Anyway this comment made me really happy so, thank you for taking the time to tell me! <3