Thanks for 200+ downloads!

Thank you so much to everyone who've downloaded and played the game! I've received some comments here and there, and each one of them has been really sweet and lovely to read. I was worried that being my first game, it won't get much traction or might be flaky here and there, so the positive response has been a relief. To anyone who've helped to share it on Twitter, Instagram or even just told friends about it — an extra thank you as well!

Now for some quick updates:

I'm still working on the developmental PDF, which hopefully some of you are interested in! I'm hoping to release it before the 31st, but I'm giving myself some slack since I'm also preparing for an event on the 20th as well. Speaking of which, if anyone here is from Singapore, do drop by my booth at Cosfest! I'll have some prints of characters from the game, as well as a mix of fanart stuff.

The event runs through the weekend from 20-21 July, and I'll be at the booth 'LILY FEVER' in area 2 (E!Avenue) part of the mall. For more information, the event page is here. Otherwise, I'll be posting updates on my own social media, @FEVER_FICTION (Twitter & Instagram) as well. If you're able to attend, I'd be happy to meet you guys!

Otherwise, if you're not in the area, comments and @ mentions/DMs are super-appreciated! Thank you for reading!


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Yay! Oh m! Congrats~! Cx I hope loads more people are able to read this! It was so wonderful! :D